Self-Assessment Creator

Tool to easily create formative web-based self-assessment quizzes

The aim of this tool is to enable academics and elearning developers to quickly and easily create clean, easy to use and interactive self-assessment quizzes that can be easily incorporated into new or existing projects with a minimal amount of technical knowledge required.


  • Variety of question types available
  • Easy configuration and maintenance of questions using a single text document (json format)
  • All question types do not use Flash so are fully usable on smartphones and tablets
  • Compatible with all modern desktop browsers (does not work with IE6, currently some glitches with IE7 on draggable question types).
  • Includes progress bar and results page for multiple question quizzes with ability to skip back through previous questions
  • Uses modern, clean design (based on Bootstrap templates) to ensure will fit in with most existing projects. Looks better than standard Moodle/KEATS assessments/quizzes and has a more modern look than commercial quiz creation tools such as Dragster.

Current version

Version 3.5 Changelog

  • More question types (matched sorting etc.)
  • Turn into a valid IMS LTI tool for better integration in Moodle/KEATS.
  • Complete web-based quiz creator (removing need to hand-create JSON files).
  • Fully hosted quizzes enabling database statistics/usage gathering.

Currently, if you need help with (or have suggestions for improving) this tool, contact Jerome Di Pietro.