Life Science Tutorials

by Dr James Clarke

Screencast Tutorials for Life Science

These videos have been made in response to common questions raised by students from BSc and MSc courses at King's College London as well as members of research staff and Doctoral research students. The content is targeted at people at all levels of undergraduate and postgraduate education and cover basic, intermediate and advanced data analysis, presentation and other life science skills.

The categories on the left menu link to screen recordings and videos showing common scientific software such as Graphpad Prism and AD Instruments LabChart (or LabChart Reader), as well as popular office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. There are also videos created in the laboratory on field trips to help explain some basic techniques and practices and show some of the experiments we undertake on our taught programmes and in our research

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The videos from BSc and MSc student's practicals and field trips were recorded on location by Dory Video and have been presented here with the students' and collaborators' permission.

All of the videos are hosted on YouTube and, therefore, should play on most PCs, Mac and other portable devices.

All content, unless otherwise stated ©2012-2022 James Clark, King's College London

Video footage ©2010-2022 Dory Video

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Conceived and produced by Professor James Clark, Department of Physiology, Centre of Human & Applied Physiological Sciences (CHAPS), School of Cardiovascular Medicine and Sciences, KCL for education

About Professor James Clark

James is a Professor in Human & Applied Physiology at King's College London. He is Education Lead for School of Cardiovascular Medicine and Sciences, Programme Director of the MSc in Human and Applied Physiology and Admission Tutor for Dept. Physiology.

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