Content List

Catheterisation: Catheterisation – eLearning modules for medical/nursing students.
Clinical Analysis: cognitive analytical tool students can use to achieve a better understanding of the interaction that underpins all communication.
Deaf Awareness in Healthcare: This course aims to assist you in establishing the skills required of a professional when working with deaf or hearing impaired patients in a variety of scenarios.
Digital Professionalism: This course aims to assist you in establishing the skills required of a professional when using digital and social communication tools, to realise the benefits, manage the risks and create a prudent digital profile that reflects your best self in the process.
Life Science Tutorials: Suite of video tutorials covering a range of narrated software tutorials and student focussed instructions for both staff and students.  
Metabolism Lectures: Series of 5 e-Lectures that have been developed in the Department of Biochemistry.
Muscle Spindle: self-directed eLearning covering functional physiology of the Muscle Spindle.
NA1: Neuroanatomy eLearning. Suite of 4 self-directed interactive learning modules covering various aspects of neuroanatomy used at UG level.
Nuclear Medicine: Suite of 9 self-directed eLearning modules covering nuclear medicine topics for PGT students.
Numeracy: self test interactive numeracy calculations for bioscience/medical students.
Obesity: Self Directed learning module aimed at the consultation process - medicine/healthcare focus.
Ophthalmology: Suite of 10 self-directed eLearning modules covering a range of clinical topics in Ophthalmology for medical students.
Pain - Spinal Cord pathways: Ascending and descending pathways of the spinal cord
Pharmacology: Asthma
Pharmacology: PK Dose Response Curve Calculator.
Pharmacology -  Transmembrane Proteins: Self-directed Learning Module.
Pharmacology - Tyrosene Kinase: Self-directed Learning Module.
Physiotherapy - Mucocilliary Clearance: Self-directed Learning Module.
Physiotherapy– Chest x-rays: Self-directed Learning Module covering xray interpretation.
Radiology: Series of 3 self directed eLearning modules covering various aspects of radiology for PGT students in this discipline.
Spectroscopy: Series of videos showing specialist equipment usage.
Virtual Patients: Suite of self-directed interactive virtual patient clinical case scenarios covering various clinical specialities.